China's leading brand of power devices

  • Ruijun insists on holding a full-time conference every six months. Ruijun employees adjust product strategies in a timely manner in accordance with market changes. Since its ninth anniversary, Ruijun has always adhered to firm and solid steps to consolidate its development, expand sales channels, and enhance research and development capabilities. China's semiconductor industry rises ...
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      Focus products

      PMOS (RU4953BH)
      N20-30V (RUH30J30M)
      N40-55V (RU40E70L)
      N60-68V (RU6051L)
      N70-85V (RU80N15S)
      N100-200V (RU1H35S)
      Internal insulation model (RU1Z120R3)
      Split Gate (RUH40130R)

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