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N20-30V (RUH30J30M)

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股份有限公司(Ruichips)是一家专注从事功率半导体研发、生产、销售的国家高新技术企业,公司位于深圳市南山科技园长园新材料港园区内,现有员工80余人,其中研发和技术支持相关人员占45%;公司成立近十年来,迅速成长壮大,年销售额突破数亿人民币,在适配器快充、移动快充、车充、电机控制、新能源、逆变、锂电保护等应用领域均占有领先地位,深圳锐骏半导体致力于新产品研发,持续更新/优化新工艺、新技术,现有Trench MOSFET/SGT MOSFET/Super Junction MOSFET三大类产品线、数百种型号,累计获得国家发明专利18项,尤其是锐骏独创的TO- 220内绝缘封装技术,彻底解决了终端客户在散热和装配上的技术难点。 Shenzhen Ruijunps Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Ruichips) is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of power semiconductors. The company is located in Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park Changyuan New Material Port Park. Relevant personnel and technical support account for 45%; the company has grown rapidly in the past ten years, and its annual sales have exceeded hundreds of millions of yuan. It is used in adapter fast charging, mobile fast charging, car charging, motor control, new energy, inverter, and lithium battery protection. It has a leading position in other application fields. Shenzhen Ruijun Semiconductor is committed to new product research and development, and continuously updates / optimizes new processes and technologies. There are three major product lines of Trench MOSFET / SGT MOSFET / Super Junction MOSFET and hundreds of models. A total of 18 national invention patents have been obtained, especially Ruijun's original TO-220 internal insulation packaging technology, which has completely solved the technical difficulties of end customers in heat dissipation and assembly.

While increasing investment in research and development, Shenzhen Ruijun Semiconductor has continued to optimize its sales network and expand sales channels, changing the company's direct sales end customers to seek cooperation with agents, give play to the original technical advantages and agent channel advantages, and quickly launch new Products, quickly occupy the market.

Shenzhen Ruijun Semiconductor: Forge ahead, take off, the leading brand of power devices in China.

   development path:

      In 2009, the company was established, and the products were successfully introduced into mass production and brought to the market.

In 2010, we improved the MOSFET product line and obtained a number of innovative patents.

In 2011, it was named one of the top ten IC design companies in China in 2011

Received the 2011 China IC Design Company Achievement Award

认可 Significant results have been achieved in the field of electric vehicle applications, and the market share has increased significantly, and has been recognized by industry customers

Obtained ISO9001 certification and ROHS environmental certification.

     In 2012, he became a member of the China Power Supply Society and the Semiconductor Association.

Become a national high-tech enterprise

实验室。 In 2013, the semiconductor R & D college and laboratory were established .

In 2014, China's first generation of internal insulation MOS products was successfully developed.

In 2015, the LED driver chip was successfully developed, with a special report from China Electronics Network

Was named China's semiconductor power device leader.

In 2016, it was restructured into a company limited by shares and the Ruijun Product Academy was established.

基本路线和基本方针。 In 2017, the company established a basic line and basic policy for development in Jinggangshan .


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